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Peninsula (P-Series) Features

  • Detachable surface skimmer is easy for cleaning.
  • Backup lower water pipe and water lever stable glass can prevent water overflow.
  • Silence regulating gate valve can adjust water flow accurately.
  • Adjustable algae chamber.
  • Small filter chamber between algae and upper water chamber can reduce bubbles.
  • Standard RO reservoir tank and ball float can replenish RO water automatically.
  • Probe support can hold PH, ORP, temperature, etc.
  • Algae light (optional) is perfectly combined with RO reservoir tank.
  • Assembled cabinet is made by PVC, covered with acrylic and support by alloy frame.


Peninsula Series – P150

The Peninsula-Series is premium tank equipped with resourceful amenities to aid you in building beautiful reef ecosystems with ease.

Neptunian Cube uses OptiWhite glass made specifically to provide exceptional clarity and enhance your viewing experience. OptiWhite glass is virtually tint free which will enhance the brightness and clarity of your new system.

The P-Series tanks are available in Pearl White and Glossy black. The cabinet doors are sleek and made of acrylic to ensure water resistance and durable build quality.

Special Features

  • Adjustable Refugium Chamber
  • Bubble Trap
  • Probe Holder (ph,orp,temp.etc.)
  • Water resistant Cabinets
  • Gate valve
  • Check Valve

System Volumes

Total System Volume 595L / 157G
Display Water Volume 450L / 119G
Sump Water Volume 145L / 38G
ATO Reservoir Volume 12L / 3G

Display Tank Dimensions

Tank Length 1500mm / 59″
Tank Width 550mm / 21.6″
Tank Height 600mm / 23.6

Sump Dimensions

Sump Length 890mm / 35″
Sump Width 430mm / 17″
Sump Height 390mm / 15.3″

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White, Black